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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Well, it's on to Casey Calvert.  My fling with Jennifer didn't last very long (this time).

What's so special about Casey?  Why don't I just keep jerking-off for Jennifer White?  Well, you have to admit that Casey looks very cute here.

                       And I bet you horn-dogs out there are just dying to see more of her body!

                           That's right!  Casey has nice tits!  Very nice masturbation material!

                                Of course, like the rest of you, I'm dying to see more!

                                                    Take it off Casey!  Take it all off!!!

                                                 The money shot!  Gonna cum to that!

I'm jerking for Casey!  Who knows, we may see more of her, or some other babe may cum along.

                                                      I do like the way her body looks

                          How about the way her nipple points skyward?  And that ass...and her red lips...

Jennifer White Update

Monday, July 14, 2014

Regular Visitors to Porn Masturbation May Remember Jennifer White, One of Our Porn Masturbation Girlfriends

                                                 It's been awhile since I've creamed to Jennifer

                                              This pic is giving me the urge to cum to her

                                            Oh yes!  Jennifer sure has what I like to jerk to!

                                                       Going to give it up for Jennifer!

                                                          Looking sexy in robes

This shot sure suggests lots of possibilities. Stroke your cock and imagine what you would do.  My fantasy is to bury my face in Jennifer's crotch!

                                        The lucky stiff in the pic set is going to oil her up

                                                   Jennifer's cunt is creased and ready                                          

                                          He's got a big rubber dick ready for action!

                                                And doesn't Jennifer look sexy here?

Friday, July 11, 2014


It's hard to say what is going to get me sexually excited. But sexual excitation is the key to masturbation.

At one point in time I creamed a lot for this centerfold pic of Janice. She's just showing a little tit here, but that was all it took to make my little adolescent dick rock-hard. Stoking my dick right now to Janice brings back memories of beatin-off in the basement when no one was home.

After awhile there were plenty of centerfolds to chose from, but sometimes I would get distracted by other items, like this one of Elke Sommers.

It was from a piece Playboy did on sex in the cinema. I thought Elke was so hot! I'd seen her in the movies and drooled over her sexy body. And here she was being stripped by some perverts! I masturbated to this one quite a bit. You may have noticed that the pic under “About Me” over on the right is also the one in the lower right in the set above. At the time it seemed wrong to waste my precious cum over a little black-and-white pic when there were those huge color centerfolds. But I still masturbate to these pics of Elke while I haven't done it for Janice in a long time (preparing this post being an exception).

I also use to masturbate to some of the Playboy cartoons.

                               This cavegirl was one of my favorites. She's still good for a few strokes!


Monday, July 7, 2014

                                                              Here's lovely Francesca

I nominated Francesca for Porn Masturbation Girlfriend back on Feb 19, 2013. At the time I really had the hots for her.

In fact, I had previously started a blog just for her!  I was a bit hesitant about putting my special girl up for a vote.

As it turned out, visitors to Porn Masturbation chose Lena Nicole instead.  I never voted myself, even although I had a preference. I like the thought of masturbating over visitors preferences, rather than my own. So Lena got my cum, rather than Francesca. And the losers never again appear on this blog.  Of course, Francesca still had her own private blog.

                       And then, on March 17 of this year I made an exception and did a Francesca post!

Actually, I kind of liked the idea that Francesca had been the loser.  Just like the way I like how this stud has her on a leash!

 I ogle her beautiful body and stroke my little dick while this stud enjoys having her such his huge cock.  And when he's done using her he'll go on to his next babe, leaving Francesca to me and my masturbation.

                              At least until some other stud wants an easy piece of ass!  Oh, but she's so beautiful!

Francesca has such a pretty face, especially when she has a mouth full of cock! I can't help but worship her beauty!

But I don't think all of those studs who use her body have the same respect for her beauty that I do.  And while I had never been much into golden showers before, don't you think that Francesca is extremely beautiful in this pic?

It's such a turn-on to jerk-off to these pics of studs having their way with Francesca. This one just puts his fingers in her horny pussy and then he can do whatever he wants with her body.

                                               Francesca takes all kinds of abuse from these studs

                                All the while I jerk-off and marvel at how sexy and lovely she is

                                                     And how she has such a nice ass!

                                             I've blown my load to this pic quite a few times!

She's one of us

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Everyone wants a woman they can relate to, someone they have something in common with. It's nice when you share common views and interests. It's also easier to relate to a woman when you like the same kinds of activities.

I recently did a post of Anna at my other blog, small tops. She looks so sexy here with her legs spread wide apart.  What a nice looking cunt!  I was masturbating my little penis and really wishing she would put one of her pretty fingers inside her pretty pussy.  What a tease!

Finally, after quite a bit of searching I found this one! Boy, did I ever beat my meat to this one!  Why I like to masturbate to masturbating women so much?

                              Because this lovely, sexy woman is just like me- she's a masturbator!

                                  It's such a turn-on to watch a woman fingering her pussy

                                    Of course, masturbation is a bit different for women

                      There anatomy is different, so they find different ways to pleasure themselves

There are quite a few pics of women toying their cunts out there in pornland.  And I certainly have masturbated to my share of those!

And how about using a shower attachment?  I've done that myself.  It feels good, but it's never made me cum.

                                   But I like it best when a babe uses her hands- just like me!

Still Creaming for Geselle

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

                                                       Can't wait to cum for Geselle

                                 Geselle Leon is so hot! And check out those puffy nips!

                                                      Love to jerk-off while she strips down!

          But what's this?  Geselle has a big plastic cock! This makes me jerk on my little dick even harder!

                                                  And she still has a very pretty pussy

                                           Geselle makes her boy suck her plastic cock

                                       She greases up her boy- using rubber gloves of course!

                          \How many of you out there would trade places with Geselle's boy?

                                               Just lying there, worked over by lovely Geselle