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More to love

Now that you have see the pictures you can see what a sweet delicious woman I had on my hands. Tragically we kind of lost touch after our third get together. Little did I know that I had awakened her sexual desire and potential. For the seven years we were apart she was looking for me on various social networking sites.

It seemed that our little adventure woke up not only her libido but her ass as well. Although we were out of touch she did not let that hold her back. She was enjoying her body more and was searching the web for someone to share it with. She ended up having online fun with a variety of lucky guys. She became such a web freak that one day she didn't go into work but called in horny and stayed home and played on her webcam.

Her self indulgence had changed somewhat after our meeting however. On the sly she went out and bought herself a few toys. Also she decided to start exploring the potential of pleasure in her ass. The thought of butt love became an obsession for her, both with toys and in her fantasy world.

One day a message popped up on a social networking site I had just happened to join that rocked my world. I had been fantasying about her since our last time together as well but I had forgotten her last name so I could not go looking for her. Our first couple of messages back and forth were very tenative, we both were still interested but were afraid to overstep our bounds. Four messages and a chat conversation later and we knew that neither had forgotten the other, and both remembered that amazing sex.

As we filled each other in on the last seven years she admitted to her broadened horizons and adventerous ways. Imagine my excitement when she also admitted that she still had a sweet and tender virgin ass. As if I was not turned on enough, she supplied me with the pictures she had shared with her online friends.

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