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Our Second First Time

The day had come; we were finally going to get together after 7 years apart. We made plans and started driving. Of course she got to the motel first and I met her in the parking lot. I walked up to her as she sat there with the door to her car open and I grabbed her in my arms and squeezed and then got to do something I had missed out on when we were together those yrs ago, I got to kiss her.

Have no doubt that I did not stop there. Right in the middle of the parking lot at 10 in the morning I ran my hands all over her body as we got reacquainted. She was nervous and self conscious but I would not be deterred as I pinched and rolled her nipples and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. To say that she was excited would be an understatement. She was so anxious that she was shaking. After a few deep kisses and some strategic touches and rubs I stood back and watched as her body shuddered and shook from her first orgasm of the day, it would not be her last.

As fate would have it we had gotten to the motel too early. They had no rooms available for hours. No worries, I needed to drive to an ATM anyway so we felt we could make good use of the time. No sooner were we driving down the road then she reach over and started massaging my cock thru my jeans. People talk about lust being visible and have no doubt; the lust that I saw on her face was undeniable. She was torn between her raw desire and her fear and nervousness. To help her out I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock as we drove down the road. Her hands instantly gripped my cock and squeezed a clear drop of pre-cum out of the head. I barely had time to notice it before she swooped down on my and all but swallowed my cock. She alternated between bobbing up and down and suckling on the head. So consumed was she that she did not seem to care or even notice that we were driving down a busy street. When she finally had to come up for air she looked like a kid at Christmas. She was grinning from ear to ear and ready to go again. We alternated with between me playing with her tits and exposing her nipples and her sucking my cock to the ATM and back.

Once we returned to the hotel we discovered that they still did not have a room ready but they told us which room it would be so we were at least able to park near it and play some more. I could wait no longer for a taste of her pussy so I reclined her in her car seat and slid my hand inside her pants until I was able to feel her wetness. The smooth, freshly shaven lips of her pussy were coated with the slick oil of her desire. She parted them immediately and I was able to slip a finger deep inside of her. I slid my finger into a hot and wet furnace when I pushed past the lips of her pussy. Once again she completely forgot where she was as I fingered her in the middle of the parking lot on a bright Saturday morning.

Again we returned to the lobby and as the clerked tried to get us into a room I stood behind her and caressed her ass and whispered into her ear. As she watched the clerk I promised her the most carnal delights imaginable. Her ass was finally going to be mine. I was going to lick her and tongue her and finger and then fill her tight ass with my cock.

After too long of a wait we were in the room. In no time she was down to her thong and stalking. You got to love those nice big vanities they have in motel rooms. I stood her before the mirror as I went to my knees behind her. As her knuckles whitened on the counter-top I pulled the thong from between her ass cheeks and replaced it with my tongue. Her whole body stiffened as my tongue touched the tender flesh of her asshole. It has been 7 years since she has felt this but it was a feeling that she has not only not forgotten but has desired ever since. Her nastiest fantasies were coming true as I opened her up with my thumbs and licked her harder and deeper. In moments I was tongue fucking her ass as she moaned and pushed back against my tongue. All her fears and taboos were swept aside as she wanted my tongue deeper in her ass. I then stood behind her and pressed my hardening cock into the cleft of her ass as I nibbled on her neck and rubbed her clit. Within moments we had another orgasm to enjoy.

It was time to move on to better things so I picked her up and none too gently threw her on the bed. I grabbed the sides of her panties and removed them from the equation and dove into her pussy. As I started feasting on the freshly shaven delight she warned me that although she likes getting her pussy eaten she rarely cums from it and when she does it often takes quite a while. She might as well have waived a red flag in front of a bull. I dove into her pussy with gusto but I must admit I cheated. Not only did I drive my tongue deep into her hole but I licked, sucked and bit her tender clit. And I did not stop there, I fingered her pussy and fingered her ass and occasionally licked her ass. Needless to say her orgasm was neither difficult to achieve or long in coming.

Now it was time to claim her pussy. Although I can be a soft, slow and tender lover that is not how I like to start out and not the kind of fucking that she has been wanting. My cock was a piece of steel and luckily for her she was so slick that her cream was gushing from her pussy. I took a few moments to tease her by rubbing the head of my cock against her lips and clit until she was quite literally begging me to fuck her pussy. That is when I did it, I one stroke, as hard as I could I filled her pussy with my cock. I buried it into her as deeply as I could as fast as I could. No moan of pleasure this time. She screamed and squeezed with her thighs in an effort to force me out and keep me from slamming in again. I had anticipated this and that is why I pushed her knees up and open and slammed in again and again. Despite the pain and despite her fears another orgasm ripped thru her body. This seemed like a good time to slow down and show her a gentle stroke as well. I changed my angle of attack and began a steady rhythm of slow but deep strokes. She grabbed her thighs and kept her knees up and open, giving me complete access to the deepest parts of her pussy. Although not as violent as her last one, once again her orgasm swept over her.

I wanted to enjoy her with my mouth some more so I slid my cock out of her crying pussy and laid on my back. I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her pussy onto my face. The lips of her twat were glazed with her juices and I couldn’t wait to suck them into my mouth. Of course with her lying with her face by my cock she was quick to return the favor by sucking it with gusto. Now I enjoy a blow-job and 69 as much as the next guy but I wanted to concentrate on the task at hand so I really went to town on her clit until she had to pull off my cock and cum. Not content to give her a break I dug my thumbs into her ass cheeks and tilted her hips forward to give my tongue better access to her tight sweet asshole. I started with wide tongue licks and then used the tip to give her the classic rim job before I drove her to another shuddering orgasm by tongue fucking her ass.

She was never one to waste a hard cock so as soon as she had her wits back she turned around and sat on my cock. Normally girl on top gives the woman greater control over the depth and speed of fucking but I am not much for being the passive partner so I pulled my knees up and began bouncing her on my cock. My favorite part is watching the pain flash on her face as her weight comes down on my hard cock and I feel the head of it hit her cervix and shove it into her diaphragm. While she was riding me I had a sudden nostalgic inspiration. I took the middle finger of my right hand and gave it to her to suck and coat with saliva and then as I stared into her eyes I slid that finger all the way into her ass, just like the first time. I worked my finger in and out in counter-point to my cock until I claimed still another orgasm from her.

We had waited long enough; it was time for me to claim her ass cherry. When it comes to anal sex, for the first time with a partner I do not go for the traditional doggy style position, instead I want my partner on her back with her knees pulled up so I can look into her eyes as my cock slides into her ass. Even though she had a virgin ass, I would make no exception. Liberally I coated both my cock and her tight and tiny asshole with some very slick lube. To say she was nervous would be an understatement. She was holding her breath and her whole body was tense so first she had to relax. I whispered reassuring words into her ear as I rubbed the head of my cock on her asshole until she relaxed. Before she could tense up again I pressed forward. Now came my favorite part. The tight ring slowly expanding as my cock forced it way into her and then it happened. Her ass surrendered to my invasion and all of a sudden it relaxed and I was buried in her ass. I gave her a few minutes to grow accustomed to the feeling of fullness and began sawing my cock in and out of her tight ass. Faster and harder I fucked her ass as her arousal continued to build. Her fears of pain faded first and then her fear of not enjoying it also faded. In no time she was making her sexy noised and punctuating them with a delightful grunt as I sunk my cock in that final inch. Knowing she couldn’t take much more I timed it just right so that I filled her ass with my cum right as she was enjoying her first ass-gasm.

By now we were both covered in fuck-sweat and sticky with each other’s juices and that means only one thing, time for a shower. As it turned out she loved showers as much as I did and we both got dirty as we got clean. I discovered another fantastic thing about this wonderful lady; she gives one hell of a hand-job. In almost no time she had me leaning against the wall for support while I held her close to me and fought the urge to cum. As I wanted to have a bit more fun I managed to get her to stop right before I came and we dried off and got back into bed.
I had planned to stroke my cock and have another fun fuck session but instead of joining me, my amazing fuck-toy decided not to. Instead she kneeled on the floor and pushed my knees up as I was stroking my cock. Before I knew it, she was doing something amazing to my ass. To this day I don’t know what and I have not asked her. All I do know is that it was wet and slimy and penetrative and made me cum so very hard.

Before we left I took pictures and we made plans to do it again.

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