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In her ass

If you have followed all of our posts, you will know that when my sweet and I first got together I penetrated her ass with my finger as she rode my cock. That simple act woke her up to the power of the pleasure that butt love could bring her.
During our time apart she began exploring the fun she could have with her own bottom. Her own fingers and a toy would help her along the path to pleasure as she took care of herself.
Then came our second first time together; that meeting was better than we could have ever hoped for. Her sweet bottom was fingered, rubbed, licked, tongued and finally fucked. My hot little girl came hard as my cock pistoned in and out of her virgin ass. From that moment forward she was addicted to butt love.
It took us a few months to be together full time and during the in-between times, every time we got together we would finish our hotel debauchery with my cock buried balls deep between her cheeks. Now that we are together full time, virtually every night she will enjoy quite a few hard and prolonged orgasms caused by my thumbs opening her ass cheeks and my tongue licking, teasing and fucking. In addition to my body parts, as you can see she enjoys plugs, beads and even my stainless steel anal hook in her tight bottom.
The pictures that we have included are more aggressive then we have shared up until now, but we had to respond to all the requests. To crisliews who wants to fuck her ass, we can at least share what it would look like if you did. For Aphro disiac who just asked to see an up-close picture of her ass, and Cris & Lee and TorD Fan who want me to open her ass, here you go. Johnny Hill asked me to finger her ass, I am only too happy to oblige. Lastly for Smacdeck, yes I did fuck her ass and we hope you enjoy how it looks.
We also want to thank all of our fans who have sent pictures and videos showing how much they enjoy D’s pictures, we are only happy to inspire. We also want to assure all of you that the famous “pizza delivery dare” is indeed on the list.
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