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A question for our friends

As most any of you who have visited us here know we tend to post more pictures than text but D and I were wondering, should we and would you like to see/read more narrative stories about our adventures.  D and I have sexy fun every chance we get and not all of it happens when there is a camera in reach.  This does not mean we will post fewer pictures of D, just that we can, if you are interested, add some more stories.
This picture is an excellent example of that.  One day I decided to surprise D at work and once she got in my car she was all over me.  As my visit was a surprise, we were still living many hours apart, she had not properly prepared her pussy. 
If you would enjoy narrative stories with pictures I can give a detailed account of how D rode me in my car while watching out the back window for cops and show some pictures as well.
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