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No More Fur

For those of you who know D, and that of you who really know D, (you know who you are), you are well aware of how she feels about having a furry pussy; she hates it.  I can still recall the first time I saw it and was delighted to see that it was smooth, and she explained that she liked it smooth and kept it that way as often as possible.  Amazingly, in her past life D was the one who kept her snatch smooth but now that she is mine I have assumed responsibility for her delicate folds and I consider it a labor of love.

This is how it looks half way cleaned up.  I use an electric shaver on D's pussy as it is the best way to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn.  By the time I have shaved her this much the vibration and tugging has started to get to her.  Her cunt begins to dampen and I am able to smell her moisture.  As I tug her lips I can see the cream that is beginning to leak from her.

Finally my work is done and my efforts bear fruit.  After a quick shower it is time for fun.  I hope that all of you appreciate my hard work.
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