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By the bay

D and I were physically apart for about 2 years after our re-connections and had to make do with stolen moments when we could.  As luck would have it I was in her city one Friday morning without her knowing and decided to surprise her. 
                She suspected nothing when she answered the phone.  Yes, she was working, no she had no plans for lunch, and yes she did miss me, why?  Because I am downstairs in your parking lot was my answer and she let loose with a completely inappropriate squeal.  I had arrived 30 minutes before she could leave for lunch and those minutes were torture for her.  She would admit later that she had to twice go to the bathroom to dry her damp pussy less her co-workers think she had peed her pants.

D's pussy leaking some of her girl cum
                  By the time she walked out the front doors my cock was throbbing and I was as anxious as she was.  She climbed into my truck and after a bit of tonsil hockey announced that she was as horny as she had ever been and wanted to know my plans.  Her house was not an option so she suggested someplace closer.
                She worked close to the bay where the mangroves grew.  Locals would go and park in the various cut out areas and either fish or just look at the water, we had better plans.  We found what we hoped was an isolated area and parked.  No sooner had I turned the engine off than D was out of her pants.  If they had been on fire I don’t think she could have gotten them off any faster.  As quick as I could, I slid my seat back and raised the armrest.
                Before I let D climb on my cock I wanted pictures.  At first she protested, but D is nothing if not obedient, so she put her back to the door, spread her legs and opened her pussy.  D’s reluctance to let me photograph her had nothing to do with being ashamed, far from it.  From our very first meeting D would not only agree to pictures but would encourage them, but this time she was unprepared.  D prefers a nice shaved pussy but doesn’t shave it every day.  As she was not expecting me she had left it unshaven for quite a few days and was embarrassed.  I had never let her embarrassment stop me before and was not about to stop now.  Although I normally would take many pictures of D’s pussy my cock refused to wait any longer.

Showing off her clit
                  I barely set the camera down before D was attacking my crotch.  I honestly say that I feared for my zipper as she tugged my pants open and demanded that I lift my ass as she pulled my pants past my hips. D swallowed my cock as if she was starving.  Neither the pictures nor the video can truly capture the experience of D sucking a cock.  D is one of those amazing women who doesn’t just suck a cock with her lips.  Her lips, her tongue and the gentle application of her teeth feel amazing.  Not only that but she uses her hands to jack my cock as she bobs her head up and down.  I ask, is there anything sexier than watching a hot woman forcefully gag herself on your cock?   After D had filled her mouth with my pre-cum she winked and smiled and climbed on my cock.  As hard as it is to fuck on the passenger side of a small pick-up it is even harder when you are sitting on the driver’s side, but we managed.  I rested my hands on D’s hips as she reached down between us and rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy lips.  I don’t know which of us she was teasing more but it drove our desire even higher, if that was possible.  She was so wet she was practically dripping onto the head of my cock and I delighted in the wet squishy sound as she slid down onto to me.
Normally I would be the one who took the lead when we had sex but this time I was kind of trapped between a soft and my hard place.  D kept switching between bouncing up and down and then forceful grinding on my cock.  I decided right then and there that there was nothing sexier than the wet sucking sound her pussy makes when she is on the upstroke on my cock.  I wanted to bite and suck on D’s neck but at the time I was not allowed to leave marks and this change in roles was driving me crazy so I decided I needed to do something.
Open wide
D had just finished her second or third orgasm when I brought my right hand up to her face and gave her my middle finger to suck on and I told her to make it extra wet.  D’s eyes sparkled as she knew what was next.   I trailed my wet finger across her left cheek and started to tease the tight pucker of her asshole.  There is something exciting about playing with a woman’s ass.  The delicate feel of that super sensitive skin, the way it tenses and relaxes as it rejects then accepts the intrusion.  First the tip and then the first and second knuckle disappeared into her ass.  With my palm flat against her ass I could finally guide the rhythm as D rode me to 2 more orgasms. 
With only an hour for lunch it was time for me to get serious about filling D’s pussy with cum and now that I had a firmer grip on her ass we picked up the pace.  I shifted my heels and with my free hand grabbed the steering wheel and began to thrust up which each of D’s down strokes.  The wet slapping sound of D’s pussy was pushing me closer and closer to cumming when she froze in place and rolled off.  Damn the luck but the police car picked that moment to turn into the parking area.  With both of us with our pants down and covered in fuck sweat we knew that there was no excuse that would work but the quickie sex gods were smiling on us as he passed us by.
Not willing to risk anything further in case the cop was just circling back we quickly drove away with D putting her pants on and me trying and failing to stuff my rock hard cock back in my pants.  There is nothing more desperate than a hard cock and a willing pussy driving around looking for enough shade to finish what they started.  Thankfully D knew of another spot by the bay that was even more secluded so we made a beeline for it.  As D had already cum multiple times she wanted to return the favor but neither one of us wanted to be as exposed as we were so she came up with a rather novel idea, she could just suck my cock until I came.  The earlier blow job was great, but a woman who sucks with a purpose takes it to a whole new level.  Up and down her head bobbed, sometimes just teasing the head and sometimes her nose was buried in my pubic hair.  She would pull away completely and lick the delicate underside of my cock with just the tip of her tongue and run up to the sensitive slit to open wide and start all over again.  In her past life D was not a fan of cocks cumming in her mouth but when I made her pause long enough to ask she insisted saying she enjoyed my taste better.  Not willing to argue and quickly beyond caring I resigned myself to the inevitable and leaned back into orgasmic bliss.
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