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Little Black Dress

                D and I recently decided to do a date night at our favorite restaurant.  As it is a nicer restaurant and D and I like to dress up I wore my suit and D wore my favorite Little Black Dress.  One of the nice things about it is that D does not need to wear a bra with it and that give me much enjoyable easy access.  D was of course without panties for the evening.  

                As we drove to dinner, D had her tits out and her dress hiked up so that I could tease and taste her.  It was too dark to take any pictures but every now and then the streetlights would cast just enough light into the car to see her skin.  The fun was at the numerous red lights we stopped at.  I would reach over and pinch and roll D’s nipples or stroke her clit as we waited for it to change.  There was just enough light coming in that the cars next to us could see in but we doubt they were ever sure that they saw what they thought they did.  

                We got to the restaurant with D almost cumming, her pump primed for the fun I had planned.  This restaurant serves great food but in addition it offers nice quiet booths with a lot of privacy and it was privacy that we needed.  The shape of the booths allowed me to hike D’s dress up and have access to her moist pussy.  This was when I put my plan into action.  The meal is divided into courses and the game was that I got to rub D’s twat with the goal being one orgasm per course.  

                Lucky for us the wait staff tends to leave people alone and we are thankful that they did because getting thrown out of the restaurant would have ruined our evening.  As it was it was a great evening.  There is nothing more romantic than a great dinner at a great place with a woman who keeps having orgasms sitting next to you.  I think the most entertaining part was when our waiter came to refill our drinks just as D’s orgasm crested and she was forced to sit there and clench her teeth and try her best not to show her pleasure.  

                The ride home was just as eventful as the ride there and once we got home I could not only take the pictures I wanted but I could finally enjoy her the way I way she deserved.

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