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We love hotels

We took a recent trip and stayed in a nice hotel that afforded the perfect opportunity to perform the hotel dare.  After a very fun and sexy dinner D stripped naked and spent some time against the window that looked out over the pool area and golf course.   

As late as it was there was no one playing golf but anyone who looked up from the pool no doubt got an eye full.  

Once that was completed it was time to venture down the hall.  We took a walk down the hall and then D first open her robe and as we made our way back to our room she took it off completely.  We were planning more but right then we heard the elevator ring and we went back inside.

As there had been no golfers to enjoy D’s show the night before we felt it was only fair to start the morning off right by giving them something to look at.  We didn’t have time for her to get back on the chair but we still managed to cause a few smiles. 

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