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A Change in Weather

Getting ready
Hope it isn't too cold

Greetings to our friends here on our blog.  Apparently Mother Nature is a fan of D flashing because she gave us a quick respite from winter's chill and sent us some comfortable temperatures.
This looks like a good spot

Wonder if they saw us?

We are never ones to look gift horses in the mouth so we headed to the beach.  You can see D getting ready in the car before we went for our walk and if you look close in one of the pictures you can see a couple that was out for a walk as we were taking our pictures.
From shade

To sun

Despite the heavy forest appearance you can see from the cars going by and the apartment complex behind us that we were not very isolated.  We heard lots of people and hope that they got to see and enjoy the show.
A perfect day

Flashing more than tits

We could see people on the balcony
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