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Alyssa in Pink

I've had quite a few masturbation blogs in the past. Porn Masturbation (#1) was one of them. Another was Masterjerker and I had a regular feature called “The Girls of Masterjerker”. This was a somewhat exclusive group. One of my girls was Alyssa Lovelace.

Here she is! What a nice smile! What a nice figure! What a nice ass!

And here she is dressed only in pumps. Look at the way her tit sticks out!

And a full-frontal view. This goddess is perfect!

Here's a classic pic that was in quite a few ads a while back. Alyssa squatting for our masturbation pleasure!

Alyssa has nice blond hair, a very pretty face, and such nice big lips. I like her tits a lot too, even though I'm usually attracted to small tops. Nicely shaped, not too big, and they hang in an interesting way.

Alyssa playing with her pussy- She's so sexy! I've masturbated to completion over her more times than I can remember.

Alyssa makes me sooooh horny!!!! I feel as if I'm about to cum.

I'll have to finish this post and then blow my load over her. Then it's down the hatch for my goddess!!!
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