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Naked Time

Last night D was in a bit of a mood and would not settle down so she needed an attitude adjustment.  I knew just the thing.  D and I went out to the store and she was only allowed to wear a t-shirt and flip flops.  We were not able to get any pictures in the couple of stores we went in but we did get some of D in the driveway and getting into the car.  We hope that we will not be seeing her on the People of Wal-Mart site.

Needless to say D's attitude improved.  As a matter of fact it improved so much that this morning that she was in the mood for a good fucking and who am I to refuse her.  I tongued her sweet ass and filled her doggy style until she collapsed, sticky, broken and confused.

And the rest of the day D was not allowed to wear any clothes so that I could enjoy her whenever the mood struck me.

D also performed on cam in the morning before she started cooking.  We had three lucky viewers this time.

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