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Time Enough for Ass

The other Saturday morning I decided it was time for some serious anal play.  I play with D's ass virtually every night but at least once a week I like to give it a real workout to ensure that she can take my cock without any difficulty.  First D gets into position onto her knees with her ass open and up and thereby gives me easy access.
 Without a doubt one of the most important elements of successful anal play is lube.  Just when you think you have added enough lube it is time to add more.  There is no such thing as too much lube.  When we are adding lube we make sure to include something to keep D from ending up laying in a pool of slick stuff once we are done.

 There is no better sensation than the feeling I get when I feel my finger slide into D's ass.  She has a wonderfully tight asshole that at first resists penetration.  I always start with my pinkie and work my way up to bigger fingers until I finally have my thumb buried in her sweet ass.  Along the way I have her toy at hand and use it to buzz against her clit.  As D has orgasms her ass relaxes and accepts the intrusion and her body learns to associate pleasure with having her ass filled.
Once D's ass has relaxed enough that I can finger fuck her without any resistance I know that I have enough lube inside her and that she is ready for me to move up to something thicker.  Now if we were in a rush I might decide to move directly to my cock but we never enjoy rushing anal sex so despite how much my cock is throbbing and drooling for her ass I wait.  We have a very useful attachment to D's Hitachi Magic Wand.  It is a silicone cup that fits over the vibrating head and has a straight penetrator.  It works very well for a number of reasons.  It is thicker than my fingers but not as thick as my cock.  Second, the vibration helps relax D's ass and that makes it even easier for her to accept my cock.  Lastly, the vibration makes D cream and cum.
With just the barest of resistance D's blue silicone vibrating cock once again burrows its way into her delicious derriere.  Before long D is humming along with the quiet buzz as I piston the toy in and out of D's lucious bottom.  After a few minutes of watching D squirm on this foreign invader my cock can't wait any longer.  Although I had planned to fill D's butt with my cock I could not wait and with the toy buzzing away I filled her sweet pussy.
D absolutely loved the wand in her ass with my cock in her pussy.  As you can see in the video she is fucking herself hard against me until she finally has an overwhelming orgasm.  It was time for me to put the camera down and give her pussy the cum she had so thoroughly earned.  D rolled over and pulled her knees up to enjoy the feeling of my hot cum leaking our and running down to her sweet stretched ass.

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