Those of you who follow our blog regularly, chat with us on instant messenger, or catch our occasional web cam shows know how much D loves her ass played with.  She enjoys fingers, tongues and of course my cock.  Of course it is never a good idea to rush sliding my cock into such a tight ass and for that reason we usually enjoy butt love on the weekends when we can really take our time.  Recently we had one such opportunity and you had better believe that we took advantage of it.  As look would have it not only was my camera handy but our cell phones were as well.  This allowed for multiple pictures and even a video of my hard cock sliding in and out of her sweet and tender ass.

 After fucking her tight ass for as long as I could I finally had no choice but to fill her with cum so I grabbed her hips and held on as jet after jet of hot cum pumped into D's tight ass.  Once it was over I pulled my dick out of D's tight hot ass and enjoyed the view of my cum leaking out and running down D's swollen pussy lips.

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