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Reunited in State Parks

As most of you know D and I love to travel. It is the rare weekend that we are not off on some adventure or another. This holiday season was no different and we decided to explore two different state parks.

In the first series of pictures it was very cold so D was all bundled up. This made it difficult for her to flash her tits but very easy for her to pull her tights down and show that great ass. Of course we started a bit careful in case someone might see.
Of course D did not stay shy very long.
And before long D's pants just seemd to keep falling down.

After our first adventure was so successful we decided to do it all over again. This time we picked a warmer day so D could let the twins out.
One of the best things about nature trails is that they give is tremendous opportunities for D to lift her shirt.

By the middle of the day the sun was out and we had found our way to a picnic area. The light was just perfect for D to show off.

Lastly, what would a trip to a picturesque location be without D in front of an attractive backdrop.
We hope our adventures help you all get started on a great new year.
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