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Female Masturbation

I like pics of girls masturbating

      Masturbation is such a beautiful thing, especially when it's done by such a beautiful lady

                                              This gal has a nice masturbation face

                                            And this gal has a nice masturbation body!

                                              She's got her clit all nice and swollen

                                   Here's a nice closeup of a pretty pussy and cute asshole

                                     A woman on a couch.  My, but she has nice legs!

                        An innocent little caress of her breast.  What might that lead to?

             Her hand finds it's way into her skirt.  My hand is already on my little dick!

                                                She's working her pretty pussy now

                                            Now she's venturing deeper into her passions

                                          She knows how to satisfy her own desires

                                   And she looks so sexy with her legs up in the air like that!

                                           Yes, a woman masturbating is a beautiful thing

                                              Yes, even when she's doing her boy

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