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How Blonde Maid

Want something to masturbate over?

                                                    How about this hot blonde maid?

                                                The mistress of the house wants some of her.

                                    The mistress proceeds to undress that pretty young thing

                                              I'm jerking-off and enjoying the show

                                          The brunette sure seems to be enjoying herself

                                                     She likes to dominate young girls

                       She's teasing us, as if to say, "Wouldn't you just love to have a piece of this ass?

                                             But that blonde cunt is only for the mistress!


                                              She'll have the blonde begging for more

                                                      Mistress always gets her way!

                                          And what a nice body she gets to have her way with!

                                               Like the way she spreads the blond's legs apart

                                        Mistress has turned another innocent into a fuck-slut

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