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Well, it's on to Casey Calvert.  My fling with Jennifer didn't last very long (this time).

What's so special about Casey?  Why don't I just keep jerking-off for Jennifer White?  Well, you have to admit that Casey looks very cute here.

                       And I bet you horn-dogs out there are just dying to see more of her body!

                           That's right!  Casey has nice tits!  Very nice masturbation material!

                                Of course, like the rest of you, I'm dying to see more!

                                                    Take it off Casey!  Take it all off!!!

                                                 The money shot!  Gonna cum to that!

I'm jerking for Casey!  Who knows, we may see more of her, or some other babe may cum along.

                                                      I do like the way her body looks

                          How about the way her nipple points skyward?  And that ass...and her red lips...
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