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                                                              Here's lovely Francesca

I nominated Francesca for Porn Masturbation Girlfriend back on Feb 19, 2013. At the time I really had the hots for her.

In fact, I had previously started a blog just for her!  I was a bit hesitant about putting my special girl up for a vote.

As it turned out, visitors to Porn Masturbation chose Lena Nicole instead.  I never voted myself, even although I had a preference. I like the thought of masturbating over visitors preferences, rather than my own. So Lena got my cum, rather than Francesca. And the losers never again appear on this blog.  Of course, Francesca still had her own private blog.

                       And then, on March 17 of this year I made an exception and did a Francesca post!

Actually, I kind of liked the idea that Francesca had been the loser.  Just like the way I like how this stud has her on a leash!

 I ogle her beautiful body and stroke my little dick while this stud enjoys having her such his huge cock.  And when he's done using her he'll go on to his next babe, leaving Francesca to me and my masturbation.

                              At least until some other stud wants an easy piece of ass!  Oh, but she's so beautiful!

Francesca has such a pretty face, especially when she has a mouth full of cock! I can't help but worship her beauty!

But I don't think all of those studs who use her body have the same respect for her beauty that I do.  And while I had never been much into golden showers before, don't you think that Francesca is extremely beautiful in this pic?

It's such a turn-on to jerk-off to these pics of studs having their way with Francesca. This one just puts his fingers in her horny pussy and then he can do whatever he wants with her body.

                                               Francesca takes all kinds of abuse from these studs

                                All the while I jerk-off and marvel at how sexy and lovely she is

                                                     And how she has such a nice ass!

                                             I've blown my load to this pic quite a few times!

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