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She's one of us

Everyone wants a woman they can relate to, someone they have something in common with. It's nice when you share common views and interests. It's also easier to relate to a woman when you like the same kinds of activities.

I recently did a post of Anna at my other blog, small tops. She looks so sexy here with her legs spread wide apart.  What a nice looking cunt!  I was masturbating my little penis and really wishing she would put one of her pretty fingers inside her pretty pussy.  What a tease!

Finally, after quite a bit of searching I found this one! Boy, did I ever beat my meat to this one!  Why I like to masturbate to masturbating women so much?

                              Because this lovely, sexy woman is just like me- she's a masturbator!

                                  It's such a turn-on to watch a woman fingering her pussy

                                    Of course, masturbation is a bit different for women

                      There anatomy is different, so they find different ways to pleasure themselves

There are quite a few pics of women toying their cunts out there in pornland.  And I certainly have masturbated to my share of those!

And how about using a shower attachment?  I've done that myself.  It feels good, but it's never made me cum.

                                   But I like it best when a babe uses her hands- just like me!

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