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It's hard to say what is going to get me sexually excited. But sexual excitation is the key to masturbation.

At one point in time I creamed a lot for this centerfold pic of Janice. She's just showing a little tit here, but that was all it took to make my little adolescent dick rock-hard. Stoking my dick right now to Janice brings back memories of beatin-off in the basement when no one was home.

After awhile there were plenty of centerfolds to chose from, but sometimes I would get distracted by other items, like this one of Elke Sommers.

It was from a piece Playboy did on sex in the cinema. I thought Elke was so hot! I'd seen her in the movies and drooled over her sexy body. And here she was being stripped by some perverts! I masturbated to this one quite a bit. You may have noticed that the pic under “About Me” over on the right is also the one in the lower right in the set above. At the time it seemed wrong to waste my precious cum over a little black-and-white pic when there were those huge color centerfolds. But I still masturbate to these pics of Elke while I haven't done it for Janice in a long time (preparing this post being an exception).

I also use to masturbate to some of the Playboy cartoons.

                               This cavegirl was one of my favorites. She's still good for a few strokes!

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